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Andrew G. BT27 4TB, Lisburn.

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Andrew did the caricatures for our wedding this July. He was absolutely brilliant! If you're looking for something fun that your guests will just love this is the perfect addition to your wedding. Andrew is so talented and so professional. As well as entertainment during the wedding your guests and you will have a lovely keep sake to bring home. Everyone at our wedding commented on how great Andrew was, we were so happy with his service!! 5 stars! Deirdre - Verified review - 21 July 2018

Andrew was the caricature artist at our wedding in Sept this year. It was a last minute decision for us, but are we glad we did it now!!! Highlight of the day for some of our guests and he even did one for us with our dogs in the background from a photo of them. Andrew was so accommodating and always responds in rapid time. I couldn't imagine not having or picture now, it's just fantastic and so close to the real thing as was everybody's. I couldn't recommend him enough. He interacted with all our guests and found out all he needed to know to make the best picture of them. Don't even think about it, just book him! Natalie - Verified review - 16 September 2018

What an artist. Superb service, Andrew is very accommodating and everything we requested was delivered to the highest standard. Guests and family were just delighted with their favour , to treasure forever. Veron - Verified review - 21 September 2018

Andrew was fantastic all the guests loved his friendly demeanor and he is a great artist. I would highly recommend Andrew and he is very flexible. He did not get time to be a few portraits so he completed them at home and made sure they were delivered after the wedding which is thoughtful. Thank you Andrew for being a reliable supplier :) Sana - Verified review - 21 January 2019